What Is RDD?

It could be said that we’ve finally reached a stage where cryptocurrencies aren’t a mystery to most people. And those who have absolutely no idea about what Bitcoin or electronic currencies. Seem to be quickly transforming into a minority. One consequence of the popularisation of cryptocurrencies is a better understanding of the technology behind them: the blockchain. Among most experts in different fields, both Bitcoin supporters. And detractors there is the agreement that this technology can change the way the world functions.

That is because once we stop thinking only about payments and trading. The blockchain becomes a system with a myriad of uses, proved by the Ethereum project. And the way their smart contracts are giving many start-ups a way to extend its use to regular tasks.

Thanks to this, we have blockchains dedicated to managing savings, insurances, and even social media.

Among the last of those, we have Reddcoin, a cryptocurrency integrated. With several major social platforms to provide a higher engagement among users.

What Is It?

As we mentioned already, it is a cryptocurrency. That integrates several new features never before seen in other examples of its type. It was created in 2014, and it was partially funded with an ICO. After it created 21 billion coins for distribution. The exciting part about this crypto asset is that once they released the coins. They immediately gave a complete overhaul to their methods. Completely shutting down the PoW mining used to create the initial batch of tokens and changing it to a modified Proof of Stake method called “Proof of Stake-Velocity”.

PoSV Mining.

PoS mining is a relatively new but popular mining method.

Whereas in PoW users dedicate computing power to mine blocks and verify transactions, PoS miners do this by “locking” coins in their wallets. These coins begin to “age” and the more they do, the higher the chance of earning a reward for mining. Reddcoin gave its twist to this concept by creating PoSV. PoSV works as PoS: generating RDD from the ones you already own. However, users will earn not only by staking their money but by spending it as well. RDD wallets can be set to be always online and this, combined with regular movements, is what nets you the chance to generate new coins.

Reddcoin Features. 

PoSV Mining: Where users are rewarded for proving ownership of their coins and their activity.

  1. Tips: The Reddcoin tip platform allows you to send and receive RDD through social networks, allowing anyone to support content creators and other uses.
  2. ID: Users can register a username to show information they wish others to know.
  3. Social Wallet: The Reddcoin wallet provides social features to promote engagement between users.

Acquiring RDD.

  1. Purchasing through (PayPal) or by buying Bitcoin. And then heading over to an exchange that offers BTC to RDD conversion.
  2. Multipool mining, where users mine other coins and get RDD as a reward.
  3. Through Faucets.
  4. By receiving them as payments for services or as tips through social media.
  5. By keeping your wallet online to increase the chance of mining a block.

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