Introducing an Innovative Global Social Gaming Platform HOT ICO 2018

Lotteries or social gaming has a venerable, ancient, and to some extent volatile history. The term “lottery” was derived from the Italian “lotto” which means destiny or fate. How to partake in a reliable and transparent lottery is the worldwide desire of thousands of people, however, in the English world, the lottery games are known as “lotto games.”

Biblically, there are many places where lots were drawn to award ownership to a person, for instance, in Numbers chapter 26, the land west of the River Jordan was awarded by Moses via lottery. Moreover, in the New Testament, the Roman soldiers to determine who would get the cloak of Jesus after the crucifixion drew lots. Having known the exposure of lottery, many problems are grooving with the system that creates doubt in the heart of people when they hear the word lotto.

The crypto market is rapidly progressing, and social gaming platforms should not be behind the scheme. More so, an investor must take advantage of the market by trading to gain reasonable profits. The blockchain technology has revolutionized the financial system of the economy and with the advent of Litecoin, Ethereum and other altcoins, how people transact have changed.

When it comes to lotteries, to win is the dream of everyone, and it is getting more difficult to find a fast, transparent, and reliable lotto system. If you are a lottery lover, do you know that the era of traditional lottery system has come to an end? Do you know that there is an innovative platform that is ready to allow you play lotto at anywhere in the world without the need for a bank account? However, we are very thrilled to inform lottery lovers as well as crypto investors about the biggest opportunity that is coming your way on the Q3 of 2018.

What is the biggest opportunity?

In every investment, safety is the order of the game, and that is why you have to consider Ludum’s project. In thousands of years ago, traditional lotteries system has remained the same, low transparency, high fees, major social stigmas against players, rampant fraud, and lack of support system for winners are uncommon in such system.

The  dreams  of  people  playing  lotto  is  to live a better life, however, With the help of the blockchain ecosystem, Ludum is here to give opportunity and steal the thunder of the show by building an international, un-cheatable, anonymous lottery that gives  anyone  in  the  world  a  real  and  honorable  chance  to  change  their  lives.  A community of passionate players and investors who support one another shall be the backbone of the system.

One of the fantastic things about Ludum is that; its lottery platform shall be accessible to anyone around the world who has access to an internet connection. Moreover, with Ludum, you do not need bank account before you can play lotto because they have completely reinvented how people play lottery games online. For the success of the project, Ludum is here with crowdfunding program.

How the ICO work

Ludum platform shall be built on the stellar Network due to some deficiencies associated with ERC-20 tokens from the Ethereum network.  When it comes to Ethereum platform for a lottery, the wait times will become more frustrating to keep playing the game when you start becoming popular, imagine waiting for 2 hours before you know if your ticket purchase went through. However, the purpose of Stellar is to facilitate cross-border transactions.

Therefore using the stellar network for Ludum platform is a natural fit and it is for cross-border financial transactions. Ludum engage with its passionate winners through an actively growing referral program and bounties. Ludum incentivize people to write their honest views about the platform, to have a strong presence on all the relevant social media channel like; Facebook, Reddit, Bitcointalk, Twitter, etc.

Conclusively, this initial coin offering (ICO) goal is set at 110.000.000 XLM (330.000.000 LUD), and ICO is scheduled to start at the second quarter of 2018 and end at the fourth quarter of 2018. Token ticker: LUD and Maximum market cap at ICO: 330.000.000. Welcome to an advanced era in the Cryptocoin/Altcoin Industry. Check our channels to learn more about Ludum.