Introducing an Innovative Global Social Gaming Platform HOT ICO 2018

Lotteries or social gaming has a venerable, ancient, and to some extent volatile history. The term “lottery” was derived from the Italian “lotto” which means destiny or fate. How to partake in a reliable and transparent lottery is the worldwide desire of thousands of people, however, in the English world, the lottery games are known Read more about Introducing an Innovative Global Social Gaming Platform HOT ICO 2018[…]


What Is Siacoin? With the creation of Bitcoin, the world saw a significant rise in blockchain-related projects. And ideas, thus, creating the cryptocurrency ecosystem that we know today. To this day, the overall number of altcoins goes beyond the 700, with more being built as we speak. That means that someone wishing to stay updated Read more about Siacoin[…]


  What Is DGB? Back when Bitcoin came out in 2010, everyone was blown away by the grade of modernization. Brought by the platform to the way we use money. And it even began changing the way we see money and value. Shaking the very core concepts that made our understanding of economics. Little did Read more about DigiByte[…]


ReddCoin What Is RDD? It could be said that we’ve finally reached a stage where cryptocurrencies aren’t a mystery to most people. And those who have absolutely no idea about what Bitcoin or electronic currencies. Seem to be quickly transforming into a minority. One consequence of the popularisation of cryptocurrencies is a better understanding of Read more about ReddCoin[…]


What should you know about IOTA IOTA is identified as an open-source distributed ledger, or cryptocurrency concentrated on giving secure communications and payments. Within the Internet of Things using directed acyclic graph (DAG) technology instead of the traditional blockchain. What is IOTA? It is a revolutionary new transactional settlement and data transfer layer for the Read more about IOTA[…]

Cardano ADA

Cardano: The latest crypto player that is taking over the world   Anyone looking into should have seen a new player in the top 10 that was not there before at the beginning of the year. This new cryptocurrency goes by the ticker ADA, and it’s part of Cardano. For as exciting as this Read more about Cardano ADA[…]

Stellar Lumens

Introducing users to Stellar Stellar is a decentralized protocol recognized for transferring and accepting money in any currency. It means that users could, for example, make a transaction from their Euros. And have it completed in Yen, Euros or even bitcoins. Stellar developers expect to support the usual categories for transactions; from payments to a Read more about Stellar Lumens[…]


TenX, the new cryptocurrency Like OmiseGo, if you’re looking for a profitable long-term wallet, you can’t miss TenX. This project went from ICO to enter the top 25 of cryptocurrencies in less than two months. An incredible team, a fantastic product, and its potential are immense. Let’s see then What is TenX? TenX becomes the Read more about TenX[…]


What is EOS and what should you know about it Designed to support commercial-scale decentralized applications, EOS is a blockchain-based, decentralized operating system, which provides all of the necessary core functionality (including databases, scheduling, authentication, and handles communication between the application and the internet), also allows developers to focus on their particular business logic. The Read more about EOS[…]